The Two Coolest Technology Gifts For Christmas

In my retail research, I am frequently asked “what are the best technology ability to accord for Christmas anniversary year?”

I generally accept agitation advancing up with the acknowledgment but this year the acknowledgment is simple. I accept begin two technology ability that I actually love: the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera.

Technology has appear a continued way but technology advances commonly accompany a steep, somewhat exhausting, acquirements curve. However, manufacturers are now acumen that humans wish the latest technologies but with affluence and breeding attached. Anniversary of these gifts, the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera, embraces the complete latest in technology yet anniversary is acutely artlessly to use, well-designed, and, as my babe would say: “cool”.

Let’s alpha with the iPod Nano Purple.

There is one actuality that we accept to acknowledge: You charge to accept an iPod. You charge to accept an iPod because you charge music in your life. Music soothes, elevates, adulation and enhances your life. So, again the catechism is: Which iPod is for you?

Until now, I accept had the iPod Shuffle. I accept admired it for the afterward four reasons: simplicity, price, elegance, and randomness, because, as the byword says, Life is Random. I anticipation I was angry to the iPod Drag for activity until I happened aloft the Mac Store recently.

There, I spotted the iPod Nano Purple and was anon taken. It is complete breeding in the way that it shines and feels to the touch. And, if I apprehend that it had 16GB of memory, I anticipation that this may be able to authority about all of my music. In fact, it allows for 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos, or 16 hours of video. My adherence to the drag did not endure long-I anon bought the iPod Nano Purple.

After I acclimated it for a week, I accomplished that this Nano is a abundant acclaim to my added technology advocacy for 2008: the Flip Video Camera.

Video cameras accept been about for a continued time now, but you may not be acquainted of the new Flip Video Camera and the promises that it is able to fulfill. You charge to ask yourself one catechism to apprehend why you charge the Flip Video Camera: Do you yield your video camera with you wherever you go?

The acknowledgment to the catechism for me was no, until I got the Flip Video Camera. This video camera is so bunched that you can yield it with you like you would yield a PDA. But what about all the accessories, the tapes, the array packs, the ability cables? With the Flip Video Camera, you do not charge any of this. All of the video (which is rendered in Hi-Def with the new MinoHd) is stored on a dent in the camera-no tapes necessary. With abundant array activity and a congenital USB anchorage that connects to your TV, this artefact is calmly one of the best Christmas Ability for 2008.

And now, I can put my claimed videos on my Purple iPod Nano and yield my video memories with me wherever I want.

Each at about the $200 mark, the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera are calmly the two best technology ability for 2008.